Our Core Values


Talent matters to Global Performance Recruiting.

At Global Performance Recruiting, our company culture is directly responsible for our successful performance. At the foundation of the GpR culture are seven principles that serve as our core values. These core values transcend all else and reflect the ethos of our company. That ethos was forged from the principles of excellent professional work ethics, but it remains a constant as we have expanded far beyond our humble beginnings. As with any virtues, they are simple in concept but demand daily diligence in their adherence.


  • Our specialized focus is in the industries we know best:  Engineering and Medical Device/Life Sciences, Professionals.
  • GpR is a full service Recruiting and staffing company.
  • Global Recruitment Model- GpR gives our clients a competitive edge through our years of related industry experience. We leverage leading tools, Technologies and our proprietary process mythologies to help identify a more refined targeted pool of Candidates for your job profile.

At GpR, we are a small community of talented executive recruiters who strongly believe:

Our clients and candidates are our primary concern.
Our clients and candidates are the only reason of our existence. Everything we do is to help our clients find superlative talent and our candidates realize their career aspirations. We only reach our objectives when our clients’ have met their goals.

We strive to exceed – not just meet – the expectations of our clients.
Merely satisfied is not sufficient; we strive to exceed our client’s expectations. Our goal with every interaction is to have our clients receive what they may not have expected. Doing this requires putting our clients’ and candidates’ interests ahead of our own and truly understanding their ultimate objectives.

Discretion and integrity are required at all times.
Ethics, integrity, and trust are a given at GpR. Without these traits, we cannot succeed. Confidentiality is a foundation for recruiting and hiring and we respect that in everything we do at GpR.

We are professional in every way.
We are a professional organization engaged in recruiting and placing executive talent. We exude professionalism in every aspect of our organization, from how we conduct ourselves to our follow-up communications long after the placement. In reality, our long term relationships start after the consummation of the first Transaction.

Performance is critical.
Performance is our measuring stick, and it reflects the merits of each individual’s contribution to our own organization. But per our first core value, how we treat our clients and candidates, and what we achieve for them, is the true measure of our performance. The highest quality of deliverables always prevails at GpR.

 We value diversity.
The real value of diversity is the positive impact it has on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment. With many skilled recruiters from varied backgrounds, we are able to provide our clients and candidates with a rich and intelligent consultative approach.

We continue to learn and develop.
We hire and mold the very best in the industry. Our careful cultivation and rigorous ongoing training program gives our associates a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace. No one is too old to learn. Everyone is expected to do so.