Message from President
Global Performance Recruiting (GpR) was established over 4 years ago with the execution of a strategic vision of excellence providing a need for the very best top “A“ Player candidates to companies throughout North America concentrating exclusively in three major verticals: Engineering, IT and Life Sciences (i.e. Medical, Pharmaceutical, etc.). GpR provides both Full-Time Permanent (or Temp-to-Hire) and Contract candidates to its clients. Our core management team has been in the Recruiting/Staffing business for over 25 yrs.

GpR is a “boutique“ Recruiter/Staffing Company. To continue within the core businesses of Engineering, IT and Life Sciences services, the company has laser focused its services within the areas of our expertise. We search for the hard to find,Purple Squirrel” talents on a cost effective basis. GpR leverages its recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) center for services such as research analysis and sourcing of talents by using its proprietary, technical methodologies, industry leading technologies and processes, and social media. We find the hidden top “A” players that are invisible to most job boards and many Internet sourcing methods. GpR delivers quantitative values to its clients on a continual basis.

The company is designed with separate departments concentrating on each expertise to speed up production, and time, in order to provide our clients with the best possible candidates as quickly as possible. Therefore, one person does not do it all. GpR has its own Research and Sourcing department. They are fully trained and certified by our Global Performance Recruiting Academy. A team of researchers, which are specialized in each vertical, will be assigned to each client account. We also have our own Database of Passive Candidates to leverage immediately for matching opportunities. Sometimes our candidates ask us to contact companies of interest, on their behalf.

We always preform our do diligence to understand our clients’ requirements, which will fit the role for their job order. The best professionals aren’t always available when there’s an opening. Many of our candidates already have jobs and have not posted their resumes on job sites. They rely on us to search for them. Our internal database is filled with thousands of these professionals. Before we send resumes to our clients, our team lead will pre-screen the candidates and pre-qualify them 1st before the candidate will be introduced. We spend expansive time, financial resources, and updated software; with state-of-the-art database software systems to further streamline our processes, which benefits our clients as well as the candidates.

The Recruiting industry is no different than other industries in regards to economics. The theory of supply and demand applies to our industry as well. What sets GpR apart from other Recruiters is that we have the tools and knowledge of the available candidate pool (supply) to invest time building relationships with our clients and understanding their needs. Only the top candidates will be brought to you for your consideration.

I want to thank you for considering Global Performance Recruiting, and we hope to have you as our client.

Best Regards,
Prem Bajaj,
Global Performance Recruiting

Global Corporate Headquarters:
223 N. Guadalupe #450 – Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

About The President:

Prem Bajaj leads the strategic vision and execution for Global Performance Recruiting Company at the global level. He has over 30 years of experience in Technical Talent acquisition and the Recruiting Business. His education includes an MBA in Marketing & Business Administration from Northern Texas University. His path included a successful career in talent acquisition of structural/mechanical/civil engineers within the commercial real estate industry. For the last 19 years Mr. Bajaj has successfully ventured in other diverse businesses including, but not limited to, International Financial Service institutions and the Recruiting/Staffing industry.

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