Join Our Team


  • We have an in-house research/sourcing company, Overnight Sourcing, to mine the best candidates and save time for the recruiters so that they can be more productive. (close more contracts)
  • We have a ‘million dollar recruiter’ as our advisor/consultant, as well as for training recruiters on an as needed basis.
  • Our company is based on our founding principles of teamwork, honesty, integrity and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.
  • We provide our recruiters with full back office support.
  • We provide high value incentives such as fully paid vacations after 18 months of meeting their targeted goal (closed contracts.)
  • We work with our clients in engaged, money down basis – where both parties are fully committed to the success of an each search and also insuring we do no work without getting paid for our efforts. (no contingency work).
  • GpR is a remote workforce organization.  We want our employees working in a place where they enjoy life and work. (Higher work/life balance).