About Us


Global Performance Recruiting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steira Technologies.

Global Performance Recruiting (GpR), was established due to the demand for permanent and contract professionals within the two fastest growing industries:

Medical Devices/ Life Sciences and Engineering

There are two interrelated companies which both work together, as well as independently:

  • Steira Technologies mission is to deliver comprehensive engineering solutions & Services – by optimizing cost efficiencies and innovation.
    • Expertise that covers a full breadth of Industries:
      • Aerospace, Defense, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Automation
    • Automotive sub- assembly and components
    • Custom Machine Design
    • Tool, Fixtures and Rig Design
    • Vibrational Analysis and Thermal Analysis
    • Legacy Conversion and more
  • Global Performance Recruiting (GpR)
    • As Business developed, it became clear that we needed to provide recruiting services support to our clients within the Industries we serve. Thus Global Performance Recruiting (GpR), was a logical evolution of a tiered approach to candidate placement.

      • Our specialized focus is in the industries we know best:  Engineering and Medical Devices/ Life Sciences Professionals.
      • GpR is a full service Recruiting and staffing company.
    • Global Recruitment Model- GpR gives our clients a competitive. We leverage leading tools, Technologies and our proprietary process mythologies to help identify a more refined targeted pool of Candidates for your job profile.
      Our team of experienced Sourcers (GSC) located in India provide round-the –clock coverage on candidate searches.